Heidi Klum Dares To Take On Cabo San Lucas' Flooded Streets With Husband Tom Kaulitz

Heidi Klum exhibited her love for husband Tom Kaulitz on Instagram on Wednesday as the two stood on the side of a street that had been flooded with muddy water in Mexico.

The Project Runway star didn't seem put off by the roadway conditions and neither did the German rocker. In fact, the supermodel-turned-mogul apparently likes to travel with her new husband no matter what the circumstances.

For their wedding, the German pair tied the knot in a civil ceremony in Beverly Hills and then married again in Capri about five months ago. When they wed for the second time aboard a yacht in the Mediterranean, the weather was calmer in Italy than it has been in their current destination.

For their most recent appearance on social media, Heidi rocked an oversized sweatshirt and jeans while Tom wore a long-sleeved white collarless shirt, opened in the front to reveal he had also donned an undershirt. The musician stood with one hand in his pants pocket as he kissed his wife on the cheek. While Heidi leaned in to receive the peck, she sported leather sandals for this outing. Meanwhile, Tom wore black tennis shoes when he ventured out with his spouse.

Heidi's hair, which featured long bangs, was messy. She wore her long, light-colored locks down as the scraggly tresses hit below her bust line. She seemed to have on subtle lipstick as she smiled during this tender moment she called "beautiful" because she was there with her loved one.

In the background and as far as the eye could see, flooded waters were all over the road and onto the sidewalks. A number of hardy palm trees were part of the scene, as were a couple of buildings and a couple of street lights, the latter of which shed light even though the photo seemed to have been taken during the day.

When asked where Heidi and Tom were while posing under an umbrella in front of a flooded street, one of her 6.9 million Instagram followers supplied the answer.

"Downtown Cabo San Lucas. We've gotten hit by a big storm yesterday that brought a lot of rain and floods the town," stated a fan who apparently lives in the area.

"Cabo! Gotta love Baja," remarked another Instagram admirer, who added a blue heart emoji to the comment about the region that suffered from too much rain.

"Love this what a beautiful couple," said a third follower, who added a red heart, smiley face, and clapping-hands emoji to the remark.

"And HE!!! is the best deciCion, you ever made!" insisted a fourth Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz fan while addressing the newly-married celebrity.