Woman suffers ‘sexual assault’ on PS3 Home

A female PlayStation 3 owner was “sexually assaulted” while she played Sony’s free-to-play virtual world PlayStation Home, according to her outraged roommate. Not the woman herself, you understand, but her on-screen avatar. O … kay.

PlayStation user “Whoef” complained that her roomie was “sexually assaulted near the Festive Tree while she was helping others with the puzzle,” which, I’ll grant her, isn’t a sentence you expect to read every day. “She would move and the harasser would follow,” wailed Whoef. “Each time trying to get behind her and use the crouch gesture. This apparently went on for some time.”

Hugely traumatizing, I’m sure, so fortunately Whoef has a solution: a “Home Jail” where those guilty of such harassment can be sent. I shit you not:

“There is no reason Home can’t make money on future rapists. After losing all their items, like a real jail, Home can sell them orange jumpsuits, flip-flops and they can decorate their jail cells with a few items such as bunk bed, toilet and a bed roll. They might as well get use to it, that’s where they are headed if they don’t change their criminal behaviour.”

Just to remind you, this idiot is complaining about the sexual harassment of an avatar, or a bunch of polygons in a world made of polygons, thus totally trivialising real sexual assault in the process. I think we can all say today has been a bright day for humanity.

[Via Videogamer]