Alicia Keys’ Movers Use Giant Crane At NYC Penthouse

Alicia Keys.

Forget the service elevator, when you’re Alicia Keys you have your movers use a giant crane.

The singer is getting ready to move out of her $15 million NYC Penthouse. Keys is on the top floor of the New York building and in order to expedite the move she’s hired a bunch of movers and a giant construction crane.

Keys purchased the 6,000 square feet apartment from Lenny Kravtiz back in 2010 and obviously has a lot of stuff that needs to be moved. Instead of hiring dozens of movers to lug all of her possessions down stairs the singer decided to open up her glass ceiling, hire a crane, and empty out her apartment one train sized load at a time.

Keys and her husband Swizz Beatz will me moving out of their Manhattan apartment in order to move into a new home in New Jersey. Keys and Beatz purchased Eddie Murphy’s old mansion in New Jersey last year.

Beatz was hit with a $2.6 million tax liens at the end of last year but it doesn’t look like the couple is struggling for money. They reportedly purchased Murphy’s mansion for $15 million (well below it’s original $30 million asking price in 2004). Their new mansion feature a movie theater, an indoor pool, marble fireplaces, a recording studio, tennis courts, racquetball courts, and a bowling alley.

Here’s a photo of Alicia Keys’ movers hard at work. (You can see more photos at TMZ.)

alicia keys movers

Keys and Beatz may be moving out of a luxury apartment but they’ll probably be pretty happy in their new mansion. The couple will be moving into the Englewood area of New Jersey which is home to celebrities like Diddy, C.C. Sabathia, and Patrick Ewing.

Here’s a photo of their new place.

alicia keys