'General Hospital' Spoilers Tease An Evil Move Made By Julian That He May Soon Greatly Regret

There is a new episode of General Hospital airing on Thanksgiving, and spoilers tease that fans will not want to miss this one. Julian Jerome is making another move to try to destroy his son-in-law, Brad Cooper, and he may soon greatly regret this.

A sneak peek for Thanksgiving week hinted that a big fight between Brad and his husband, Lucas Jones, could set the stage for tragedy. Now, the preview for Thursday's episode adds some terrifying details regarding what seems to be on the horizon.

During the new Thanksgiving episode of General Hospital, Julian will tinker with Brad's car. The sneak peek shows Julian sitting in what appears to be Brad's car, saying that he's sorry but that Brad left him no choice. It is dark outside, and Julian appears to be doing something that will soon cause problems with Brad's car.

The sneak peek also shows Lucas talking to Elizabeth, telling her that he is afraid that something was a serious mistake. Viewers will have to tune in on Thursday to see exactly what he admits was a mistake. However, General Hospital spoilers also suggest that he will soon find coverage for his shift at GH, reaching out to Brad to spend the holiday together.

Fans will also see Michael and Brad talking. Michael will tell Brad that he is making excuses, and he thinks he knows why.

Of course, Brad will likely panic for a moment here. In all likelihood, he will worry that Michael has somehow figured out that Wiley is really Jonah.

However, Michael doesn't have a clue about this bombshell yet, and it's something else he'll have on his mind. According to SheKnows Soaps, someone will give Brad a pep talk of sorts during this show, and it looks like it's coming from Michael.

Ultimately, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Lucas and Brad will end up together, in a car, having a big fight. Now that it has been revealed that Julian does something to Brad's car, it's not a stretch to suspect that Lucas is the one driving Brad's car -- and that an accident is just ahead.

This decision to mess with Brad's car seems like a step too far. General Hospital spoilers hint that this could end up having heartbreaking, unintended consequences that will wrack him with guilt.

Julian may be targeting Brad, but he does this with no guarantees that his son, Lucas -- or his grandson, Wiley -- won't end up in that car when things go wrong.

Lucas is already furious with Julian, and an accident where Lucas, Brad, or even Wiley is seriously injured may just push Brad and his husband closer together. If Julian's involvement is revealed, it would be difficult to imagine a scenario wherein his son forgives him.

There is no new episode of General Hospital on Friday, so fans will likely be left hanging until Monday to see how tragic this situation becomes. Will this incident finally be what leads to the truth about Jonah emerging, or will this bury the secret even deeper?

General Hospital spoilers tease that viewers will not want to miss the twists and turns just ahead as this storyline forges forward.