Here Are The Funniest Black Friday Memes To Get You Through The Shopping Mayhem

Black Friday 2019 is almost here. So, this means it is almost time for you to rush to the store hours before it opens to stand in a line to get through the door, a line to get the limited supply discounted item(s) of your desire, and a line to check out. It is also the day you try not to get trampled or cracked in the face with a half price Barbie doll.

With all of that in mind, here are some of the funniest Black Friday memes The Inquisitr has been able to track down to lighten the mood as you brace yourself for the shopping mayhem.

The Origins Of Black Friday

Before jumping into the sidesplitting laughter that will ensue after scrolling through these hilarious memes, here’s a little background information on this unofficial retail holiday.

According to The Balance, the name originated from a noticeable increase of traffic accidents and violence that takes place on Black Friday. Interestingly enough, the Friday after Thanksgiving was a hot day for shopping long before it was given the official name of Black Friday.

Back in the ’50s, people would call in the Friday after Thanksgiving to give themselves an enjoyable four-day weekend. With stores open the day after Thanksgiving, many believed it just made sense to get a jump start on their Christmas shopping. Thus, the idea of Black Friday was born.

Walmart Employees Preparing For Battle

While this Black Friday meme was posted on Instagram last year, it is still one that anyone who has the misfortune of working on this unofficial retail holiday can relate to.

PSA For Those Ready To Record

The following is a hilarious PSA for anyone who goes shopping during Black Friday because they enjoy watching the chaos. While hilarious, it is also a valid tip to turn your phone horizontal if you record anything crazy while shopping on Friday!

Kermit Drinking Tea While Offering Advice

Kermit from The Muppets drinking tea while offering some sort of sarcastic advice is a meme that frequently makes rounds on social media. Apparently, Kermit has some advice for Black Friday shoppers this year.

While getting great deals on Black Friday is a wonderful thing, Kermit reminds shoppers to pay their light bill, too.

Thanksgiving Mood Vs. Black Friday Mood

The next meme is a hilarious collage of the difference between people’s moods on Thanksgiving and people’s moods on Black Friday.

The meme features a very happy individual embracing Thanksgiving and a group of individuals fighting over a discounted TV.

Ready For Battle

The next meme displays how much more effective carts could be on Black Friday if they came equipped with a weapon on the front of them.

Tip For A Black Friday Side Hustle

The following Instagram post suggests arriving at the store early and seizing the opportunity to sell a premium parking spot.

Controversial Dig At Black Friday

The following is a Black Friday meme some will love and some will hate as it takes a dig at the sudden transition from Thanksgiving to aggressive shopping.

For Those Who Prefer Sleeping Over Early Morning Shopping

Naturally, there are some people who prefer sleeping over waking up before the sun rises to go shopping.

Finally, A Video Clip Of A Worker On Black Friday

Based on the comments, the following is an “accurate” video depiction of what retail workers go through on Black Friday.

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