Video Shows Donald Trump Slur Words At Florida Rally, Claims He Beat 'Barack Hussein Obama' Dynasty

Donald Trump stopped in Sunrise, Florida, to hold a campaign rally before heading about one hour north to his Mar-a-Lago resort for the Thanksgiving holiday. But the campaign rally proved to be a strange one, as video captured Trump slurring the words "stock market." The president would later claim that in the 2016 election he defeated "Barack Hussein Obama, and whatever the hell dynasty that is." Trump also blasted coverage of his hospital visit on November 16 by "that stupid, corrupt, horrible CNN," as quoted by Mediaite.

Trump told the crowd that he felt "great," and if he didn't, "I wouldn't be ranting and raving to 22,000 people."

The crowd broke into a cascade of boos when Trump mentioned CNN, according to the Mediaite account. He claimed that he made a sudden, Saturday afternoon hospital visit "to save a little time."

Trump has actually made similar claims in the past. At a November 1 rally in Tupelo, Mississippi, Trump claimed that he "beat the Clinton dynasty, the Bush dynasty, the Barack Hussein Obama dynasty," as quoted by NBC News.

In 2016, Trump defeated Jeb Bush, the brother of President George W. Bush, in the Republican primary, and won an electoral college victory over Hillary Clinton in the general election while losing the popular vote.

Clinton, in addition to having served as secretary of state and as a United States senator from New York, is also the wife of 42nd U.S. President Bill Clinton. But while Bush and Clinton, due to their family relations, may at least in theory qualify as "dynasties," how Obama is part of a "dynasty" remains unclear.

Trump's inability to pronounce the words "stock market" on the first try was not the first time that the president has had trouble with slurring words. On August 21, Trump made two public appearances that included four separate instances of Trump stumbling over such words as "armed forces," "applicable," and "obstacles."

In another example of Trump's verbal gaffes, on February 18 -- when Trump gave a speech outlining his policy toward Venezuela -- he incorrectly pronounced the word "Venezuela" on three separate occasions during the speech.

At one point, Trump seemingly pronounced the name of the troubled South American country as "Venenwella."

Trump also attacked the ongoing impeachment hearings against him at the Florida rally, referring to congressional Democrats as "maniacs" and as "deranged," per Mediaite.

"Everybody said that's really bulls***!" Trump said of the impeachment proceedings, sparking the crowd to initiate a chant of "Bulls***! Bulls***!"