‘Young And Pregnant’ Star Rachel Beaver Reveals Her Sister Malorie Wants To Find Out Who Fathered Her Baby

The new season of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant introduced viewers to new mom Rachel Beavers. Rachel isn’t the only one in her family with a baby, however. Her sister Malorie also has a daughter and in a new sneak peek from Intouch Weekly, Rachel revealed that her sister, just like herself, isn’t sure who the father of her baby is.

Just as the father of Rachel’s daughter Hazelee is one of two men, the same is true for Malorie and her daughter Emerson. Rachel revealed the situation in a voice over in the preview.

“Malorie was on and off with two boyfriends in high school. Alex had always been good to her, but Lane was physically abusive. She had finally broken up with Lane and just got back together with Alex when she found out she was pregnant. So in that way, thing are similar between us. But I never want to get a paternity test, and Malorie does,” Rachel said.

The father of Rachel’s daughter is either her ex-boyfriend, Drew, or his best friend Jacob. However, Rachel has stated that she doesn’t want to find out which one fathered her baby.

Malorie said that Alex, who she was dating when she found out she was pregnant, is away in the military. While she may not be able to have him take the DNA test since he is not close, she revealed that he has a twin sister who may take the test instead, to see if she and the baby share DNA. Malorie said that she was “hoping it will work the same.” However, she stated that, no matter who the father is, there are downsides to both men. With Alex, he hasn’t met Emerson yet and she says that the other potential father is “crazy crazy.”

Rachel’s sister then talked about wanting what is best for her child and said she is considering giving temporary custody of her daughter to her mom. Rachel and Malorie’s mom has also appeared on the new season and has helped out with Malorie’s daughter a lot. Rachel let Malorie know that she doesn’t have to give their mom temporary custody because their mom will help take care of Emerson regardless. Explaining her thoughts on the matter, Malorie told Rachel that if her daughter needs to go to the doctor, her mom wouldn’t be able to take her because she isn’t technically her guardian.

“I feel like even if she hates me at one point its fine because I mean it’s better for her in the long run,” Malorie said.

Rachel, though, doesn’t seem to agree with her sister on that point.

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