Prince William & Kate Middleton Hilariously Respond To News That Camila Cabello Stole A Pencil From The Palace

Prince William and Kate Middleton had a hilarious reaction to news that they were robbed by none other than pop star Camila Cabello.

On Tuesday, Entertainment Tonight reported that the “Havana” singer was a guest on BBC Radio 1’s Breakfast with Greg James.

During the interview, which was filmed and shared to Twitter, the radio DJ recalled when the pair were together last month at Kensington Palace where they, along with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and BBC Radio 1 DJ Clara Amfo, met with recipients of the radio station’s Teen Heroes Awards.

“Don’t tell anybody what my mother and I did,” Camila promptly responded.

The show host completely ignored the star’s warning, though, instead diving in to a hilarious story about their time at the home of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Greg explained that he told Camila that she had to steal something from the royal residence, offering the suggestion of a pencil.

“And I was like, you triple doggy dare me?” she chimed in.

“I did,” the DJ confirmed. “I triple doggy dared you.”

Camila accepted the challenge, explaining to listeners that “you can’t not do a triple doggy dare.”

“If there’s anything I’ve learned in my life, it’s that,” she stated.

But just as quickly as the singer grabbed the pencil, Greg ousted her to a palace employee. Camila scrambled to hide the stolen writing utensil, ultimately stashing it in her mom’s purse, who wasn’t exactly a fan of the whole ordeal.

“My mom was like, ‘No, we have to give it back. We have to give back the pencil.’ And I was like, ‘No. He triple doggy dared me. I have to take the pencil.’ So I still have it,” Camila admitted.

“I’m sorry William and I’m sorry Kate,” she said, addressing the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge directly while on the air.

“I honestly couldn’t sleep at night. I had to get it off my chest,” she added.

It wasn’t long before news of Camila’s thievery was picked up by William and Kate, who appeared not to have taken the situation to heart. A tweet from the official Kensington Palace Twitter account in response to the radio interview contained a simple but hilarious response — the side-eye emoji.

The tale of Camila’s palace antics comes after a big weekend for the star at the American Music Awards, where she looked stunning on the red carpet in a strapless, blush-colored dress. Camila hit the stage a number of times during the event and took home the Collaboration of the Year award with boyfriend Shawn Mendes for their hit song “Señorita.”

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