Rihanna Resumes ‘Diamonds’ Tour, Hits Back At ‘Haters’ After Cyber-Attacks

Rihanna Resumes 'Diamonds' Tour, Talks To 'Haters' After Her Fans Are Cyber-Attacked

Rihanna is back on the “Diamonds” world tour trail after being forced to cancel two shows due to laryngitis.

The 24-year-old hit the Well Fargo Arena stage in Philadelphia on Thursday, reportedly looking and sounding better than ever as she punched her way through a set that included hits like “Please Don’t Stop The Music,” and “Stay.”

After launching her 27-city tour in Buffalo, New York, last Friday in support of her seventh album Unapologetic, Rihanna pulled out of two dates in Boston and Baltimore leading to fears of more cancellations to come.

Following the Boston announcement, the 24-year-old tweeted that she was “embarrassed” about not being able to make the concert date.

But Rihanna was clearly delighted to be back on the Philadelphia stage tweeting before the gig: “One of my favorite cities in America #Phillynation #Diamonds WorldTour We Back!!!”

On a more disturbing note, however, according to Heat magazine Rihanna has been subjected to an increased level of abusive comments on social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook in recent weeks — in particular about her relationship with Chris Brown.

“Rihanna is scared. Her management has taken these threats very seriously and has ramped up her security team. The level of vitriol aimed at her since her reunion with Chris Brown is unbelievable,” a source reportedly told Heat.

It’s thought that cyber-abuse of the singer has stepped up following high profile interviews with Rolling Stone and ELLE UK, in which the Bajan star said Brown was “the one” and talked about starting a family in the next five years.

And when it comes to her fans, it seems Rihanna is just as protective.

After vicious Instagram comments to the singer were re-directed to fans who defended her, Rihanna stepped in sent some messages herself on other people’s accounts on March 13.

One such message read: “Y’all type so tuff. Lemme guess y’all broke, d***less, and got private profiles??!! Bring your pretty lil a***s down to the clearport if u done typin.”

Next stop for Rihanna? The “Diamonds” tour lands in Montreal’s Bell Center on Sunday, March 17.

Rihanna Resumes 'Diamonds' Tour, Talks To 'Haters' After Cyber-Attacks