Check Out These Green Friday Deals From Dispensaries In States Where Cannabis Is Legal

Now that marijuana is legal in the majority of US states, whether for medical or recreational use, cannabis dispensaries are getting in on the “Black Friday” madness by having sales on their own product. As The Inquisitr reported at about this time of the year in 2018, many cannabis retailers are calling the sales event “Green Friday,” offering deals to get customers through the door on what is unofficially the busiest shopping day of the year.

NOTE: If you’re planning on giving cannabis as a gift this holiday season, make sure you purchase and give it to someone in a state that has legalized marijuana for recreational use. Also, make sure that you drive it to the recipient yourself. Do not attempt to send it through the mail, even if it’s within your own state, as that’s a federal crime.


The Centennial State was the first to legalize recreational marijuana, so it makes sense that premium flower can be found at dispensaries all around the state. Upcoming Green Friday deals for cannabis flower could bring in a great deal of business.

In Denver, Sticky Buds is offering concentrates (oil, wax) for $15, according to If flower is more your thing, Green Heart is offering 35 percent off everything in the store.

Over in Boulder, Helping Hands is kicking in a gram of wax for $10, while The Farm Co. is selling Incredibles Pumpkin Delight for $10 per gram.

In Colorado Springs, Quality Choice Dispensaries is offering Buy 2, Get 1 Free on all edibles.

cannabis edibles


The Golden State has the highest population of all of the states in which recreational marijuana is legal, and its dispensaries are rolling out the green carpet, so to speak, for the post-Thanksgiving holiday.

Sol de Mendicino, for example, is offering concentrates at a steep discount: a price of $35-40 per gram (regular price: $45-56 per gram).


At LivWell in Springfield, Wyld Chocolates are 25 percent off. At Mindrite in Portland, Maui Wowie will be going for $5 for an eighth. And at Green Rush in Eugene, everything in the store will be 15 percent off.

East Coast

Recreational cannabis hasn’t been legal in the Eastern states for as long as it has been out West. But that doesn’t mean that some East Coast dispensaries aren’t getting in on the Green Friday action.

In Seacaucus, New Jersey, Harmony Dispensary is offering 20 percent off on select products. At B&B Cultivation in Raymond, Maine, one ounce of “premium flower” will be offered for $125. And, at Sira Naturals in Cambridge, Massachusetts, all Macrodose Caramels are $10 off.