‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Franco Prepares For His Visit With Andre Maddox

Craig SjodinABC

Franco, who still has Drew’s memories, has decided not to leave Port Charles with Kim Nero. As seen on General Hospital last week, Kim left town without him after he told her that he can’t go with her. He has chosen to have the procedure after all, in part, to pay Franco back for saving him when they were kids. Liz is happy that she now has a glimmer of hope to get her husband back, but Monica won’t be too thrilled when she learns that she will be losing Drew all over again.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Franco is expected to go knocking on the door of the Quartermaine mansion. He wants to have a chat with Monica. He is likely to tell her that he has changed his mind about having the procedure done that might possibly bring Franco back to Liz and the boys. He feels like he owes him.

Needless to say, Monica won’t like that idea at all. She wants to know all about Drew’s past since she wasn’t there to raise him. As unhappy as she may be about losing all of the memories of Drew’s past, she will eventually respect his decision.

General Hospital spoilers also tease that Franco will be looking forward to a new chapter in his life in the next couple of weeks. That could very well mean that the procedure will happen very soon. Andre Maddox will be back on screen this week, so it stands to reason that he is back to get the procedure started.

There are no details yet on whether Franco will be getting all of his memories back or not. Liz is praying for that to happen, but she was also warned by Andre that this procedure could put Franco in a vegetated state. That is the chance they are willing to take because that’s what Franco would want.

The first week of December will feature Liz being surprised about something. Will she get her husband back by then? In addition, General Hospital spoilers indicates that Franco will be working on finishing some type of project that he started. These spoilers seem to give a hint that his memories may just return soon.

After Franco made the decision to stay in Port Charles, he sought out Elizabeth and explained to her why he chose to go through with the procedure, as explained by The Inquisitr. He finally realized that he is living Franco’s life, not his own.

General Hospital fans will have to wait and see what happens this week as Franco prepares to meet with Andre Maddox.