WWE News: Corey Graves Shares Thoughts On Daniel Bryan And Bray Wyatt Storyline

As documented by Wrestling Inc., Corey Graves used his latest After the Bell podcast to discuss Daniel Bryan‘s upcoming Survivor Series match with Bray Wyatt. During the show, the announcer revealed that he thinks Bryan is the best wrestler in the world, and he has high hopes for his big match.

“Daniel Bryan, I think, is probably the best professional wrestler in the last fifteen years,” Graves admitted. “And everything Daniel has done from his promos recently to conveying the emotions has been off the charts awesome and one of my personal highlights.

“Even the interactions with Sami Zayn and Nakamura! But this is a whole bunch of good that I think we can be excited about as fans. The match is going to be awesome, but yeah, kudos to this whole story intentional or otherwise. It’s going to be cool, so, more of this, more long-term stories.”

Graves praised the current storyline between Bryan and Wyatt because it’s been more developed than typical WWE feuds. Both superstars have a unique history with each other dating all the way back to 2013, when Bryan briefly joined Wyatt’s faction to lure him into a trap.

According to Graves, modern WWE storylines tend to move at an accelerated pace and some are easy to forget about as a result. However, while the announcer is enjoying the superstars’ ongoing rivalry, he did state that it’s possible WWE didn’t have long-term goals for their feud back in 2013.

In the current storyline, Wyatt’s “The Fiend” persona attacked Bryan, seemingly at random, on a recent episode of Friday Night SmackDown. Wyatt’s reason for doing so is because he wants to get revenge after being humiliated in the pair’s last feud.

Bryan has mostly been praised throughout his career for his in-ring ability, but Graves appears to be a fan of his character work. The superstar has been teasing a face turn in recent weeks, but his recent interactions with Zayn and Nakamura suggest that he might join their stable.

Wyatt has also been portrayed as a tweener in recent months. Despite possessing all of the hallmarks of a monster heel, the WWE Universe has been loudly supportive of “The Fiend.”

While Graves is a fan of this storyline, he isn’t a fan of every feud in WWE. As The Inquisitr previously noted, the announcer has been critical of the love triangle between Lana, Bobby Lashley, and Rusev, which has been a focal point of Monday Night Raw over the past several weeks.

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