Mario Lopez Jokes That Tiffani Thiessen’s Cooking Made His Wife Go Into Labor

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Mario Lopez and Tiffani Thiessen had a mini Saved by the Bell reunion on the set of Access Hollywood. On Friday, Tiffani appeared on the show to cook up a mashed potato dish that Mario and his co-host, Kit Hoover, found absolutely delectable. However, Mario revealed that Tiffani used to be a terrible cook, and he also quipped that her culinary skills made his wife go into labor.

Tiffani Thiessen was showing off her cooking capabilities to promote her new cookbook, Pull Up A Chair, when Mario Lopez gave her early baking efforts a bad review. Kit Hoover had asked her co-host if Tiffani was a good cook “back in the day,” presumably referencing Tiffani and Mario’s time working together on Saved By the Bell.

“Tiffani back in the day couldn’t even wash a grape,” Mario said.

However, Tiffani claimed that her former costar was too preoccupied with other pursuits to sample her cooking.

“You are so full of it,” Tiffani said. “You were too busy in the gym with your muscles to know what I was doing in the kitchen.”

Luckily, Mario reassured Tiffani’s potential cookbook buyers that her culinary talents are now on par with those of celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse. Later on, while Mario was using his muscles to mash potatoes, he shared a “fun fact” about Tiffani. It was in reference to an occasion when Tiffani invited him, his pregnant wife Courtney, and their kids over for dinner.

“The next day, my wife went into labor with the baby,” Mario said.

“Not the next day, that night,” Tiffani interjected.

Mario conceded that she was correct.

“That’s right! That night,” he said. “So Tiffani’s cooking basically sent us into labor.”

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Tiffani joked that Mario and Courtney should have named the baby after her, but the couple had a boy. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Mario and Courtney welcomed Santino Rafael Lopez to the world back in July.

Later on during the Access Hollywood segment, Tiffani got sweet revenge on Mario for claiming that she couldn’t even wash a grape when she was younger; she got to poke fun at him when he mistook shallots for onion rings.

In addition to promoting her cookbook, Tiffani Thiessen also got to plug her Netflix series, Alexa & Katie, which returns on December 3. One topic that Tiffani and Mario surprisingly didn’t talk about was the Saved by the Bell revival that’s in the works. However, earlier this month, Mario Lopez told Us Weekly that Tiffani Thiessen and Mark-Paul Gosselaar might appear on the new series, which will premiere on NBC Universal’s new streaming platform, Peacock. Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley have already been confirmed to reprise their original roles.