Jim Bob Duggar Bribes Josie To Pull Out Her Own Tooth

While Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were sitting down for a meal with their family, they noticed their youngest daughter Josie had a loose tooth.

Jim Bob explained that offering his children money in exchange for losing teeth wasn’t something he made a habit out of doing. After all, that is an action that would have gotten expensive with 19 mouths full of teeth. He, however, believed offering Josie a little incentive might be just what she needed as motivation to get the tooth out of her mouth.

In a video clip available on TLC’s official YouTube channel, fans of the reality TV series family can watch as the entire family crowds around Josie and her wiggly tooth.

Jessa noted that because her sister Josie is the baby of the family, she gets a lot of extra attention.

Michelle, Jim Bob, and several of her siblings were all working together to assist Josie in pulling her tooth out.

At one point in time, Jim Bob even offered to go get a pair of pliers to assist in pulling the tooth right out of her mouth. He also utilized a piece of dental floss as he helped his daughter wrap it around her loose tooth in an attempt to pull it out of her mouth.

Fans could see a hint of anxiety wash over Josie Duggar’s face as they yanked the dental floss out of her mouth. The anxiety shifted to disappointment and then to humor as she realized the dental floss didn’t work.

As the clip continued, fans watched as the producers spoke with several of the Duggar children to ask how much money they think Jim Bob and Michele would have had to spend if they paid a dollar for every single tooth that every member of the Duggar family lost. Most of the Duggar children were not willing to answer the question as they didn’t want to do the math associated with it.

Eventually, Josie was able to twist and pull her loose tooth out of her mouth on her own. Her father instantly presented her with a dollar. Things, however, got a little rough for papa Duggar as one of his other children pulled out a tooth she had lost the day before. He could also see another one of his children trying to force baby teeth out of her mouth with the hopes of getting a few dollars as well.

Jim Bob’s decision to bribe Josie to pull out her teeth didn’t seem to phase Counting On fans as they had other things to discuss in the comments of the YouTube video. For the most part, the overwhelming majority wanted to discuss how sad they were by how old and big Josie was already.

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