Karen Gillan Mastered Using Nunchucks During 'Jumanji: The Next Level' Productions

Trisha Faulkner

Less than 24 hours ago, Karen Gillan shared a video clip of herself and her co-stars Kevin Hart, Dwayne Johnson, and Jack Black speaking during a panel regarding Jumanji: The Next Level.

The Instagram video clip featured Gillan gushing about how much fun she had during the production of the movie.

"It was so much fun. I get nunchucks now." Karen gush.

As the audience could be heard laughing in the background, Karen added that she was completely serious. She actually learned how to use them during the production of the movie. Moreover, she now has a pair of nunchucks at home she is prepared to use should the need arise.

"It's just the most random skill I never thought I'd have ever in my life." She added.

With all of her co-stars looking directly at her, Karen revealed she hoped she'd have the opportunity to see just how great her nunchuck skills really are.

She explained that maybe she would be attacked on the street and she'd get to see if she has the reflexes and skills to use her new weapon of choice to thwart off her attacker.

While Karen continued to excitedly talk about her desires, Kevin Hart started to cut her off and change the subject.

"That's enough. Jesus Christ." Kevin exclaimed as Dwayne, Karen, and Jack started cracking up.

"Something happened that we've yet to get to the bottom of with Karen." Kevin added as he tried to explain her bizarre desire for someone to attack her.

The conversation of the panel then shifted to Dwayne taking the floor as he revealed he'd recently watched the final cut of the movie. Johnson praised Karen for how impressive her action scenes were in the film.

Jack, however, isn't really following the conversation as he starts to sing Jumanji. The rest of the group quickly corrects him and encourages him to sing Ruby Roundhouse's theme song instead. Jack, then, belts out a part of the tune before getting a round of applause from his co-stars and the audience.

The fun video clip was viewed by her followers just shy of 400,000 times with over 300 individuals commenting on it.

"Channeling your inner Nebula I'm thinking. You're the best!!" One follower penned.

Another follower added, "You're so cute when you're excited. I'm so ready for the new movie."

Several other individuals took to the comments to note how happy they were to see Karen and her co-stars getting along so well and having so much fun together.