Daniel Craig Reveals That He Is Officially ‘Done’ With James Bond

There have been many names mentioned as to who could be the next James Bond, but Daniel Craig is still in the role that made him famous. While some of the reports of other actors taking over were a bit premature, it is now time for the rumor mill to start up again. Craig will star in No Time To Die, which is due in theaters next year, but the time has come for him to retire from the role, as he’s stepping down for good.

There have been a number of big names that have portrayed the greatest fictional spy in history. With the times changing, though, there has been a call by fans to have the persona of James Bond change with an actor of different ethnicity or gender taking over the role.

For nearly 14 years, Daniel Craig has owned the part and played it well, but he’s officially ready to move on. As reported by Entertainment Weekly, Craig recently appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert and revealed that he’s “done with Bond” and that “yes, it’s done.”

Hardcore James Bond fans remember that Craig threatened to leave the role years ago. He ultimately agreed to return for the 25th entry of the film series. He seems a bit more serious about leaving this time, and it could be that he’s simply ready to do something else with his career and life.

Actors such as Idris Elba and Chris Hemsworth have been rumored to take over the role of the world’s greatest spy, but no decision has been made as of yet. Chances are that everyone involved will want to make sure that Craig is 100 percent done with the part before actually moving on with a new casting.

Daniel Craig’s first time in the role of Bond was back in 2006 when he starred in Casino Royale. From there, he carried on in Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, and Spectre. No Time to Die is set to hit theaters on April 8, 2020, and fans are anxiously awaiting what may be the last time seeing James Bond as they’ve known him for more than a decade.

Collider reported earlier this summer that Bond 25 could end up making a major change to the role and cast a woman as James Bond. Lashana Lynch is one name that has been thrown around for the part, but if Daniel Craig is truly done, there will be no shortage of names trying to win the role.

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