Kaley Cuoco Gushes Over ‘Beautiful’ View & Mysterious Fireworks While Enjoying Thailand

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A few hours ago, Kaley Cuoco took to her Instagram Stories to share several video clips of a dinner she shared with The Flight Attendant cast and crew that had a “gorg” view.

As her followers know, the 33-year-old actress recently traveled to Thailand with her husband Karl Cook. The actress has been generous with videos and snapshots of her exciting trip with her social media followers on both her Instagram Stories and her profile wall.

The first video clip featured a caption that read “what is life and this view!” The clip reveals it was night time when Kaley took the footage. Kaley panned back and forth across a waterfront as several large boats glided along the water.

Notably, several of the boats were decorated in lights similar to that of a Christmas tree. Cuoco could also be heard gushing about how breathtaking the view was in the background as she captured the footage.

In the second video clip, Kaley included a caption that explained she was enjoying dinner with the cast and crew of The Flight Attendant. For this clip, she turned the camera to pan back and forth across the outside dining area where they were sitting and enjoying a meal. The group appeared to be enjoying a wonderful meal on a waterfront.

By the third video clip, Kaley shifted the camera to glide back and forth across the waterfront once more. She captioned the video “beautiful” and “incredible” as she continued to gush about the waterfront view they were enjoying with their meal.

As her Instagram Stories shifted to a fourth video clip, something unexpected happened. In addition to the gorgeous waterfront view that included the starry night sky reflecting on the rippling dark water, Kaley and her husband got to enjoy an unexpected fireworks show.

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Cuoco’s next few video clips included a combination of the firework show itself and scanning her husband and the rest of the individuals she was dinning with to show off their reactions to the show. While Kaley never made an appearance in the string of video clips, she did verbalize her excitement from behind the camera.

Kaley made it clear she was taken by surprise as she couldn’t tell exactly where the mysterious fireworks were coming from. From a distance, the fireworks looked to be shooting up out of the water.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Kaley and her husband have been enjoying a wonderful time together during their Thailand trip. Kaley recently shared a silly snap of herself and Karl rocking matching “top knots.”