WWE News: Seth Rollins Shares Disturbing Fan Story

According to Sportskeeda, former WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins recently sat down with Tone Kapone and discussed a variety of topics. In one of the most interesting revelations, he opened up about a fan who visited his home.

“I had a woman come to my house, and you know social media is crazy. This woman showed up at my house not long ago, twice… yeah two times. I had to call the police on her. Yeah, pretty intense, she was from Nebraska or something… driven there like intense… to be in a relationship with me.”

Rollins didn’t go into too much detail about the incident. According to the WWE superstar, he wasn’t home when the woman showed up. However, she was captured on the security cameras at his house, and that’s the closest interaction he had with her.

The former Universal Champion recounted how his housekeeper told him that the woman came to his front door and said that the pair were seeing each other. Rollins denied the claims and revealed that he’d never seen her before.

Rollins isn’t the only example of fans stalking wrestlers. As The Inquisitr reported earlier this year, Ring of Honor star Angelina revealed that a fan once followed her around and bought her gifts. Fortunately, Rollins’ situation didn’t go that far.

Rollins said that WWE fans are passionate and the lifeblood of his profession. At the same time, the superstar believes that fandom isn’t without its problems. During the conversation, he cited the stalker story as just one example of fans taking things too far.

While Rollins did acknowledge that the stalker was an extreme and rare occurrence, he revealed that he often has to deal with fans going overboard. For example, he opened up about how common it is for fans to follow him to hotels and airports, while others have made fake Twitter accounts pretending to be him.

According to Rollins, scammers have also taken advantage of his name on social media. The former Universal Champion said that some people have set up fake accounts under his name in order to extort gifts and money from followers.

Despite having fans show up at his house, Rollins hasn’t exactly been the WWE Universe’s favorite superstar this year. His Twitter exchanges have sometimes been met with a negative reaction, with CM Punk noting that he isn’t painting the most flattering picture of himself on social media.