Justin Bieber Admits He's Ready For Babies With Wife, Hailey, In Romantic Birthday Tribute

Justin Bieber has dropped a big hint that he's ready to be a dad in his birthday tribute to his wife, Hailey, on Instagram. In the caption of the post, Justin starts off by lavishing Hailey with lots of glowing praise.

"Happy birthday babes! You make me want to be better every day!" he wrote. "The way you live your life is so attractive.. ps you turn me on in every way."

But the "Never Say Never" singer quickly makes his desire to be a parent very clear.

"Next season BABIES," he added.

Justin used a composite image of two of their wedding photos to accompany the romantic caption. In the photo on the left, Hailey is posing alone in her stunning off-the-shoulder wedding gown and elegant veil. In the photo on the right, she's still in the wedding dress but the veil has been removed and she's kissing her pop star groom on the lips.

The post has accumulated more than 1 million likes and 9,000-plus comments in under an hour of going live. In those comments, several of Justin's fans seemed very excited about the prospect of him having kids with Hailey.

"Babies omg," one fan wrote.

"Have babies already," another Instagram user added before including a heart-eye emoji to their comment.

"Babies as in babies?? Like real life breathing baby...YALL STOP PLAYING!" a third fan gushed.

One fan gave him some advice on the kind of husband he should be if he and Hailey conceive.

"Happy Birthday!! and just remember when she gets pregnant take good care of her, it's hard! I love you both," they wrote.

On the other hand, some commenters expressed their disapproval of the relationship, while others said they'd hoped for new music instead of babies. But the positive sentiment in the comments section seemed to outweigh the negative.

This isn't the first time that Justin has used an Instagram post to mention that he wants to become a dad one day. In the caption of a post from March of this year, he wrote that he was working on some of his "deep-rooted issues" so that he can be a supportive husband and father. The post was made in response to fans asking him for a new album.Hailey Bieber hasn't commented on her husband's most recent Instagram post, as of this writing. So, at this point, it's unclear how she feels about his birthday tribute to her and the public declaration about his readiness to be a dad. In a 2018 interview with Vogue Arabia, she made it clear that she's excited about becoming a mom one day.

"I love kids and I can't wait to have my own. I would say now that's a closer reality," she said.