Halsey Blasts Paparazzi Who Camp Outside Her Home & Chase Her Car In Posts To Instagram

In since-deleted posts on her Instagram story posted Friday, pop star Halsey had some harsh words for paparazzi and the way they treat her.

In one deleted post, the “Graveyard” singer seemed to compare herself to her fans, trying to get them to empathize with the way the paparazzi treat her.

“What’s crazy to me, is if a guy camped outside your house and hid in a bush and took photos of you with a long lense [sic] camera every single day, without you knowing, you would be so creeped out and scared you would call the police and say you are being harassed.”

“But when ur [sic] famous it’s just like ‘LOL U [sic] ASKED FOR THIS!!!!” the 25-year-old singer wrote on her story.

In another – also deleted — post, the “Without Me” singer claimed that she had previously been chased by paparazzi while driving, adding that paparazzi had “violently” followed her through traffic to the doctor’s office and to her parent’s home.

Although the posts were seemingly deleted by the singer, whose third album Manic is set to be released next January, they were captured by PopCrave and shared to its Twitter account.

Fans on Twitter seemed to support Halsey, offering their own words of agreement about the paparazzi.


“It’s so good that Halsey is speaking up,” one user wrote. “I absolutely disgusted by everyone who is like ‘well she asks for this life.’ She didn’t. Nobody asks for this kind of life.”

It’s been a busy time for the singer on social media recently, as she’s had to address several issues over the past few days. As The Inquisitr previously reported, the artist — who in 2017 was nominated for a Grammy for her Chainsmokers collaboration “Closer,” — took to Twitter to share her disappointment in not being nominated for a Grammy at the upcoming 2020 awards.

“My fans… please do not waste your anger or frustration. I see a lot of you are upset. of course, I’m sad too. none of it matters. literally none of it,” she wrote.

The singer went on to explain that her single “Without Me” remained a record-breaking song, indicating that she had submitted that song to the Grammy Awards, though it was not nominated. She also commented on the fact that BTS, a popular K-pop group, had also not secured any Grammy nominations. Halsey and BTS collaborated on a song “Boy with Luv” earlier this year.

The singer, whose real name is Ashley Frangipane, has also recently had to combat pregnancy rumors on social media, joking that she wasn’t pregnant but any appearance was the result of her gluten allergy and her love for pancakes.