Jim Carrey Releases New Art Predicting Donald Trump’s ‘Reign’ Will Soon End

Actor and artist Jim Carrey has released a new piece of political artwork on Twitter that takes a jab at President Donald Trump. The piece portrays cartoon Trump in an Elvis Presley-inspired jumpsuit as he sings the lyrics to “Suspicious Mind.” Alongside Trump is a group of Republicans and cabinet members tied up with the cord of the president’s microphone, suggesting that they are bound by their support of the real estate mogul, Breitbart reports.

“They’re caught in a trap. They can’t walk out. Because they love me too much, baby,” Trump sings in the picture.

Carrey captioned the photo, saying Trump’s “reign” will soon come to an end. He also called Trump a “counterfeit king.”

Like Carrey’s other pieces, the drawing received both positive and negative feedback

“I always enjoy your art @JimCarrey,” one user wrote.

“Lay off the peyote Newmarket Boy,” another tweeted.

Carey has released many other political cartoons attacking Trump and his administration. Previously, he released a drawing called “Welcome to Nancy’s Wheelhouse,” which depicted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi smashing Trump’s testicles with her gavel.

“This is a cartoon I call ‘Welcome to Nancy’s Wheelhouse.’ It’s intended for mature audiences,” Carrey tweeted along with the cartoon.


Back in June, Carrey released a piece that bid farewell to former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. The 57-year-old actor depicted Sanders praying to a crucifix with a red halo over her head. He captioned it with a scathing attack on her purported lies.

“Good Riddance, Sarah Huckabee Sanders! Now the only one you have to lie to is Jesus,” it read.

In yet another piece, Carrey took aim at Attorney General William Barr. The piece of art was posted the day after the release of Robert Mueller’s redacted Russia report and portrayed Barr’s face in red.

“Most crooked AG ever — Barr none!” Carrey captioned the photo.

Carrey previously spoke to IndieWire about his artwork as some of his pieces were headed to Montreal along with one of his sculptures. He revealed that creating art is a process that never stops for him.

“I never stop. I literally never stop,” Carrey said, suggesting that he’s in a “constant state of creating.”

Carrey admitted that he wasn’t as heavy into this type of art before. Now, his living room is half-filled with paintings, canvasses, pens, paintbrushes and other tools, while the other half is filled with cartoons and computers. According to the Kidding star, he is “in love” with the process.