Christian Bale May Be Playing Moses

Christian Bale may play Moses in 'Exodus'

Christian Bale may play the starring role of Moses in an upcoming biblical epic.

Christian Bale is no stranger to the spotlight, as he’s helped save humanity from deadly machines (Terminator: Salvation), stopped five Batman villains, and fallen to Hugh Jackman in a magic show (The Prestige).

Film studio 20th Century Fox is looking to make a retelling of the biblical story of Moses with Exodus, and Christian Bale is their choice to play the starring role. They’ll need to make this one as good as possible, because Warner Bros is attempting the same story with Gods and Kings.

In Warner Bros’ case, Stephen Spielberg turned down the chance to direct it and they’re looking to get Hulk and Life of Pi director Ang Lee instead.

Director Ridley Scott, of Alien and Prometheus fame, is the man behind Exodus, and the hope of casting Christian Bale as Moses is just that; a hope. Nothing is certain yet, as Christian Bale may be reprising his role as Batman in the upcoming Justice League film, but we don’t know that yet, either.

Christian Bale was previously considered as the star of Noah before Russell Crowe snatched up the role. We’ll have to wait and see if he commits to Exodus, though. We only know for now that Christian Bale has been shooting an untitled project with Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and Louis CK for Sony Pictures.

Exodus was originally scripted by Adam Cooper and Bill Collage, which was bought up by Peter Chernin. The film supposedly follows the details of Moses’ life that previous biblical epics did not.


Fox and Paramount have both noticed the ratings surrounding the History Channel’s The Bible miniseries and decided there is definitely an audience for biblical epics even today. Charlton Heston proved it in 1956 with Ten Commandments, which is hailed as one of the greatest movies of its time.

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