WWE News: Mark Henry Comments On Jim Cornette Racism Drama


Earlier this week, Jim Cornette resigned from the NWA after he made racist remarks while calling a match on an episode of NWA Powerrr. The announcer’s comments have caused an outcry in the wrestling community and one person who has expressed disappointment in him is WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry.

As quoted by Wrestling Inc., Henry told TMZ Sports that he feels saddened by Cornette’s remarks, and he hopes that the commentator will issue a sincere apology to prove that he’s not a racist.

“I would say, ‘Jim… please apologize, and mean it. And if you don’t mean it, then go all the way Darth Vader and tell us you just don’t like black people.’ At least I know who you are. And, then I can get rid of this feeling that I have in my heart. It’s like having your mother or father disown you. I feel like a sense of mourning.”

According to Henry, he’s always had a good relationship with Cornette. During the interview, he revealed how the legendary manager and commentator was instrumental in helping him during his rookie years, which is what makes this situation even more painful for the Hall of Famer.

“He helped me to be the wrestler that I became. And, I probably wouldn’t have been the guy without him. But, it is very, very hurtful.”

Cornette reportedly issued an apology on Instagram following the incident. However, he’s since appeared on Twitter to reveal that the person making the apology was “pretending” to be him, and that he doesn’t have an Instagram account. At the time of this writing, Cornette has still to fully address the matter.

Cornette has promised to open up about the matter on Friday’s edition of his Cornette Experience podcast, and it will be interesting to see if he takes Henry’s advice into account. At the same time, the announcer has a history of making offensive remarks, and he rarely apologizes for them.

As documented by Wrestling Inc., he was also criticized earlier this year over comments he made about All Elite Star Sonny Kiss, which Joey Ryan — and many others — interpreted as homophobic. However, Cornette defended his comments by claiming that he was insulting Kiss’ wrestling ability and character, and not his lifestyle.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Cornette has some bad blood with former WWE writer Vince Russo. The beef is so extreme that he even challenged Russo to a physical fight, which Russo wanted no part of.