Michael Vick Resumes Book Tour Despite Death Threats

Amidst death threats, Michael Vick will resume his book tour.

The Michael Vick book tour continues. After canceling the remainder of his book tour because of the death threats, the controversial quarterback is back on the road to promote his autobiography.

Despite his best efforts to repair his image after spending three years in prison for running an illegal dog fight rink, some people will never forgive Michael Vick.

On March 26 he was schedule to appear at a Barnes and Noble in Easton Pennsylvania when he received death threats, along with store employees.

The March 26 appearance was cancelled, but the Michael Vick book tour will continue. His book,Finally Free, was released last September, and Vick is hoping his public tour with help boost sales.

Michael Vick also made it clear he thinks people have better things to worry about then him after six years. Speaking to USA Today, Vick explained, “People are dying every day, children are being killed, going to jail… That’s what’s important. Those people are not important.”

Vick goes further to explain he did not cancel his book tour because of fear, but precaution instead. With a large number of people expected at the appearances, Vick wanted to make sure the people close to him would be safe.

Defensively, Michael Vick also wonders why he would stop the tour, “if it happens again, we’re still going to move forward, but we’ll do it in a totally different way. The book is doing great because of all the attention it’s gotten in the last couple days, so what more can I ask for?”

If you want to know more of Michael Vick’s story, here is the trailer for Finally Free:


It appears Michael Vick knows people will never forget his crimes. He just doesn’t believe it should still be the focus of his life in the media. Despite his best efforts to make his recent positives outweigh his earlier negatives, a number of people don’t hold forgiveness in their hearts for anyone capable of hurting animals.

Do you think the Michael Vick book tour should have resumed? Has Vick done enough in your eyes to repair his image?