Chelsea Houska’s Son Helps Out His Dad Around The House, Layne Shows Off Dance Moves In Adorable New Videos

Chelsea Houska often takes to social media to share sweet updates about her family with her followers. On Friday, the Teen Mom 2 star shared two new adorable videos of her youngest kids, Watson and Layne.

In the first video which the mom of three posted to her Instagram account, Watson, who was still dressed in his pajamas, was helping out his dad, Cole DeBoer, around the house. Cole had a small stepladder that he climbed to do some work.

As Watson watched his dad, he urged him to use caution, exclaiming, “Okay, be careful!”

Cole replied, “I will be buddy!”

Watson walked around the ladder and stepped on the bottom step. When Cole realized where his son was, he said, “Watson, don’t fall.”

Chelsea was standing close by and laughed as she watched her son hold on tight. He smiled at his mom and said, “Hey mom!”

Cole then told his son to “be careful” and Watson replied,” Okay, daddy!”

The exchange between Watson and his dad was adorable. The video so far has over 600,000 views and has received plenty of positive comments from Chelsea’s followers who said the video was “so cute.”

Chelsea captioned the video, “The sweetest little guy.”

Watson wasn’t the only one the Teen Mom 2 star shared a video of on Friday morning, however. Chelsea also took to her Instagram stories to share a sweet video of her youngest daughter, Layne, showing off her dance moves.

In the video, Layne looked adorable with a pink bow in her hair and a squeezable applesauce in her hands. Layne smiled for the camera and ran away, but in the next shot, she was standing in front of her mom and dancing.

“Look at those moves,” Chelsesa said.

This isn’t the first time Chelsea has shared a video of her daughter “dancing.” Back in August, she posted a video of her daughter standing — with the help of her dad — and moving along to a country song.

Along with Watson and Layne, Chelsea is also the mom to 10-year-old daughter Aubree. With three kids at home, some fans have wondered if the couple want to have more children anytime soon. Chelsea and Cole recently appeared on the Don’t Tell Mom podcast where they opened up about their plans to extend their family. They admitted that, before Layne, they thought about having two more kids, but now they are thinking about having only one more.