Spoilers For ‘The Young And The Restless’: Devon Threatens Cane With Prison

New spoilers for The Young and the Restless reveal that Colin asserts that Cane is in on the con about Katherine Chancellor’s will. Devon is furious, and he confronts his former brother-in-law about the situation.

Jill (Jess Walton) found Colin (Tristan Rogers) in the Maldives. Since the new pages of Katherine’s will came to light, Jill suspected Colin of running a con. Although he insisted that the will is real and Katherine’s final wishes have now been carried out, it seems that Colin was lying. After he finally admits there is a con, he also implicates Cane (Daniel Goddard) in the scheme to take Katherine’s money from Devon (Bryton James).

Devon actor Bryton James spoke about the stunning storyline with Soap Opera Digest recently. James explained that his on-screen alter ego confronts Devon about Colin’s accusations. However, Cane insists that he wasn’t part of any plan to steal Katherine’s money. Devon isn’t too quick to believe his ex-brother-in-law, though.

“Devon is suspicious because it seemed like out of nowhere, Cane with the beneficiary of Katherine’s new will. Cane originally showed up in town scamming people, so Devon has never really trusted him. And ever since this thing with the will began, Cane always seemed to be present every step of the way,” James explained.


When Cane came to Genoa City, he pretended to be Jill’s son, Phillip Chancellor III. In the end, the details came out that Cane pretended to be Phillip at Phillip’s request. It took a while, but Cane remained relatively close with the Chancellor family, and Jill still treats him as one of her sons. However, Cane is actually her stepson through her ex-husband, Colin.

Cane continues to defend himself, but Devon isn’t receptive to Cane’s explanations. He doesn’t trust Cane to tell the truth, and Cane is furious now that he feels that his grandmother’s last wishes were not respected.

“Now all this money is gone because Colin has hidden it and he’s not saying where. Devon is going all out to find out who’s behind this. If it turns out to be Cane, then Devon will make sure that he will go to prison,” James said, per Soap Opera Digest.

It sounds like Devon will not stop until somebody ends up paying for this will debacle. Devon handed over his fortune to Cane quickly, and now he regrets the rash move since it all turns out to be a massive scam. It looks like, despite what he’s said, Cane is somehow involved.