Kaley Cuoco Has A ‘Ruff Night’ In Adorable Night Shirt

Larry BusaccaGetty Images

As those who follow her on Instagram know, Kaley Cuoco had a “ruff night” as she traveled to Thailand. According to the Big Bang Theory star’s Instagram stories, she was suffering from a mild case of jet lag.

Cuoco’s first update was a short video clip of herself with her head pressed against a white pillow as she didn’t look ready to embrace the day just yet.

Speaking with an extremely hoarse voice, the actress noted it was just after six in the morning. Her video clip featured a small white coffee mug sitting on a serving dish next to a caption that read “slight jet lag not terrible.” The caption was in bold white letters with a rounded solid pinkish red background behind it.

Kaley noted that Carl was preparing breakfast. She added that he was also bringing her some coffee. A serious expression washed over her face as she concluded with how he needed to hurry up with the coffee.

The second update was also a video clip. It, however, was focused on the entryway to the bedroom as Carl entered with two cups of coffee. He was steadily enjoying his as he made his way over to Kaley.

Finally getting some coffee into her system, the final update from three hours ago featured Kaley standing as she showed off her adorable nightwear.

Cuoco rocked a long white sleep shirt with various dogs scattered all over it and the words “Ruff Night” across her chest. The actress also wore matching white pants with a pattern of the various pups up and down her legs.

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Soakin it all up on our Sunday ????

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Kaley stood some distance away from the camera with her coffee mug firmly gasped in her hand as she flashed a vibrant smile.

“Also don’t worry everyone [I] brought a few nightshirts to Thailand. Thanks for this awful angle,” she penned in a caption on top of the snapshot.

Her hair remained messy and unkempt as it was tucked behind one of her ears and flowed down the other side of her body.

Roughly 21 hours ago, Cuoco also updated her followers via her Instagram stories from the plane. She noted that they were on the last leg of their travel before arriving to Thailand. Kaley rocked a messy loose bun on top of her head and had extremely sleepy looking eyes.

Kaley also revealed that she got amazing news via email, as Lumify confirmed that they do not do any sort of animal testing with their eye drops. She noted that this information just makes her love the product and company that much more. She concluded the reveal by kissing the small bottle of eye drops in her hand.