‘General Hospital’ Rumor: Jane Elliot May Be Returning To Her Role As Tracy Quartermaine

It has been two years since actress Jane Elliot left her role as Tracy Quartermaine on General Hospital. She retired from acting, but she never totally ruled out an eventual return to the ABC soap. Now it appears that she may be coming back sometime soon for a very short stint.

Rumors have been swirling this week of Tracy’s return to Port Charles and back into the Quartermaine fold. Nothing has been officially confirmed just yet, but social media has been buzzing over the past couple of days of Jane Elliot being back on screen for a possible short return. One person on Twitter simply mentioned that they were looking forward to seeing Tracy again. Although no details have been indicated on the timing or for how long she may be staying, this person seemed pretty certain that fans will be seeing the General Hospital icon soon.

Tracy left Port Charles in 2017. The last she was seen, she met up with another GH icon, Luke Spencer. The two supposedly are living happily ever after, but there is the possibility that something will bring Tracy back for a visit. As fans have pointed out, the holidays are coming up, so she may just decide to show up to cause some holiday chaos.

Another Quartermaine, Brook Lynn, has just returned this week to stay for a while, so having Tracy make her way back would make things interesting. Thanksgiving has always been a fun time in the Quartermaine household with the yearly tradition of having pizza instead of turkey. Will Tracy show up just in time for the pizza party this year? It is seemingly being kept under wraps at this point in time if it is indeed true that Jane Elliot will be back.

Elliot did tell TV Insider during her exit interview in 2017 that she would have to wait a year or two before she would ever entertain the idea of making a brief return to General Hospital. Fans will have to wait to see if an official announcement will be made soon if this rumor is true.

The Quartermaine family has been back on screen this week with Wally Kurth and Lisa LoCicero appearing as Ned and Olivia. They were in for a surprise when Brook Lynn Ashton, Ned’s daughter with ex-wife Lois, showed up unexpectedly. Amanda Setton has taken over the role, and she will be settling in with her family and no doubt causing plenty of trouble. Adding Tracy to the mix would make the holidays at the Quartermaine mansion just like old times.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.