Laci Kay Somers Teases Fans With Revealing Snap & Comment About When ‘2 Favorite Blondes Link Up’

Singer and social media bombshell Laci Kay Somers took to Instagram to tease her fans with some new, tantalizing content today. The voluptuous stunner posed with model Bethany Lily April and teased that the two had linked up for a new video. Based on the initial reaction to the post, Somers’ fans are hungry for more.

Somers and April were dressed similarly as they posed together in the post. Somers wore a pair of neon panties with a matching top; the ensemble gave her fans plenty to buzz about. The top was long-sleeved and had a simple clip holding everything together just under the singer’s breasts.

Somers flaunted her deep cleavage, flat tummy and curvy figure as she gazed seductively at the camera. She rocked her signature pink lip color, and her blue eyes popped from the page. Her platinum blond hair was swept over to one side, and it cascaded over her shoulders.

April wore a similar outfit. She went with a baby blue color for her panties and a matching top. The popular Instagram model also showcased a great deal of cleavage and her hourglass curves. The two ladies stood hip-to-hip in the photo.

When April shared the same photo on her Instagram page, she quipped that she had met her long-lost sister.

The sultry photo of the blond duo immediately raised heart rates on both Somers’ and April’s social media pages.

“Wooowwww!!!! @lacikaysomers Super beautiful, pretty women and wonder women you inspire,” praised one of Somer’s impressed followers.

“That’s a fender bender waiting to happen!” teased another fan who seemingly couldn’t look away from the shot of the two gorgeous women.

“Your eyes are so beautiful,” noted another Somers supporter.

“Gorgeous ladies. You gorgeous girls look amazing,” declared someone else.

Within just a few hours, about 140,000 of Laci’s 10.6 million followers had already liked the post on her page. Additionally, April’s post generated love from 35,000 people in that same timeframe.

Somers is no stranger to teasing her millions of followers with sultry snaps showing her in barely-there lingerie or revealing bikinis. She knows just how to draw people in with a tug on the waistband of her panties, as she did in this new photo, or a cocked hip and enticing grin, which she often incorporates into her poses.

It seems that this may be the first time that Laci Kay Somers and Bethany Lily April have collaborated on a project, but fans are already asking for more. This sexy snapshot showing the two ladies together generated a lot of love, and it looks like people are invested to see if the pair reconnects for more shared content in the future.