Prince Andrew Reportedly Wants To Do A Second Interview After ‘Disastrous’ First Attempt

Prince Andrew is allegedly mulling a second interview after his disastrous turn this past weekend, reports Vanity Fair. Though the first Newsnight program — which aired over the weekend — has been considered by many to be one of the most serious public relations blunders from the royal family ever, the prince allegedly is hoping to re-do his first attempt, which hoped to clear his name from his association with disgraced billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

“There are rumors swirling that Andrew wants to do another interview,” said a source.

“Andrew hasn’t drawn a line under it. He wants the chance to put right the things he didn’t say,” the insider added.

The Duke of York was particularly lambasted by the public and the press for showing no sympathy in the interview towards the victims of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. The royal source indicted that Prince Andrew specifically hopes that a second interview would give him a chance to rectify this mistake.

“Newsnight gave him the chance to show some remorse. He was asked if there was anything else he wanted to say. It was an open goal—he didn’t grasp it, and I think he sees that now,” the insider claimed.

prince andrew in car

Though rumors are swirling about a second interview, Buckingham Palace said in a statement that they were “not aware” about any such plans. Though the queen reportedly approved the first interview, it is not known whether she would approve a second, considering the continued fall-out.

That said, many insiders are contesting the claim that the queen “approved” the interview, with one royal correspondent maintaining that mainstream advisors of the queen were not involved in the Prince Andrew debate, as was previously reported by The Inquisitr.

Moreover, though the royal family is publicly sticking by the scandal-ridden prince, many say that the interview — and Andrew’s poor performance — was “stretching” their loyalty.

“He’s done is the least welcome thing anyone could do to their mother, especially at the age of 93,” said royal reporter Sarah Gristwood, who has written a biography on the queen.

“He has let the side down. Everything he said in that interview was couched in the wrong terms,” Gristwood added, quoting Andrew’s own line about letting the “side down.”

The queen might not be the only royal who would have issues with a second interview. The same source also reported that the Epstein scandal has greatly angered Prince Charles. The Prince of Wales, who is currently in New Zealand, is supposedly particularly angry that headlines have centered on his brother instead of his own royal tour.