‘Bachelorette’ Ali Fedotowsky Details Toddler Daughter’s Scary Illness And 104-Degree Fever

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Ali Fedotowsky shared a scary mom moment with her fans. The Bachelorette alum revealed that she had to take her 3-year-old daughter Molly to the doctor with a super high fever amid a mystery stomach bug the toddler has been battling for days.

Ali, who starred in the 6th season of the ABC dating show back in 2010 and married her non-Bachelor Nation husband Kevin Manno in 2017, shared to her Instagram story the details of the frightening experience, according to Us Weekly.

After sharing video clips of Molly’s lingering illness, the mom of two revealed that just as she thought she was getting better, her daughter woke up at 4 a.m. with an alarming fever of 104 degrees. The former ABC star said she was able to get the temperature down to a still-high 103 with “meds, water, and cool washcloths,” but noted that they would be headed to the doctor Wednesday morning.

The TV personality, who is also mom to 17-month-old son Riley, noted that her baby boy had not gotten sick so far. Ali also admitted that she was going “stir crazy” after not leaving the house in days so she could stay sequestered with Molly.

“Man, this makes you grateful for all the times your body is working for you,” The Bachelorette alum added.

On Instagram, Ali posted a photo of her sleeping daughter as she revealed in the caption that her pediatrician told her the stomach bug was hitting the Los Angeles area very hard. She also asked her 789,000 followers for tips on how to battle the nasty virus.

In the comments section to the photo of Molly, fans commiserated with the distraught mom as her daughter battled the seemingly-endless illness. Social media followers in New York, Virginia Beach, Connecticut, and Sacramento shared similar horror stories of their kids’ sicknesses with The Bachelorette star.

“Awww poor baby. I hope she starts to feel better quickly. Nothing worse than seeing our babies sick,” one fan wrote.

“It’s so hard to watch our kids suffer. She needs to just rest. Baths will help bring fever down,” another suggested.

“So sorry!! You are doing great mama!!!” a third fan told Ali.

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My poor sweet girl has been so very sick for the past 48 hours. It is heartbreaking!!!!! I want to thank all of you for all your messages and DM’s with advice for how to handle this stomach flu. It is so gnarly. Thankfully Riley still hasn’t gotten it so far and I truly believe that because of all the help and advice I’ve gotten from all of you! Some of the best tips I’ve gotten (to help anybody else battling this nasty virus) Drink grape juice, bleach/sanitize EVERYTHING, popsicles (she couldn’t keep water down but literally could only keep a pedialyte popsicle down in the first 24 hours) keep Riley out of house as much as possible, and WASH HANDS!!!!! Please leave more tips in the comments below, not only for me but for anybody else dealing with this horrible bug. Her pediatrician said it’s hitting the LA area hard right now. Anywhere else?

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Ali is not the only celeb who’s dealing with a sick kid. Last week, singer Jessica Simpson posted a photo of her ailing daughter, Maxi Drew, as a nasty, 10-day stomach bug tore through her house. The mom of three revealed that her older kids were hit with the bug, but that her 8-month-old baby was spared.