Leah Messer Confronts Jeremy Calvert About His Feelings After He Cancels Date

The question of whether or not Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert will get back together seems to still be looming after Jeremy canceled his date with the mother of his child.

On the new episode of Teen Mom 2, Leah and Jeremy had made plans to go out on a date together. The plans came after the two had been flirting for quite some time and considering reconciliation. Even their daughter, Addie, seemed happy to see her parents talking again. Unfortunately, Jeremy had to cancel the date with Leah. According to Hollywood Life, Jeremy had a good reason for canceling at the last minute, though. As it turns out, Jeremy’s grandfather needed to go to the hospital. Even though Jeremy had a good reason for canceling, Leah seemed to be frustrated with how things have been going between her and her ex-husband.

The couple have been toying with the idea of a reconciliation for a while. Earlier this year, they spent some time together in New York City while filming for the Teen Mom 2 reunion. On the new season of the show, Leah admitted that she and Jeremy hooked up while together in the Big Apple. After that, they continued to talk and considered getting back together.

Over the summer, Leah took a vacation to Hawaii with her three daughters and had invited Jeremy Calvert along. While Leah seemed hopeful that he would be able to make it on vacation so they could spend some time together, that didn’t happen.

Now, a preview for the season finale of Teen Mom 2 shared on Twitter shows Leah confronting Jeremy about his feelings. The sneak peek shows Leah sitting at her table and talking on the phone.

“I think we really need to end things. How do you really feel, Jeremy?” Leah says into the phone.

Jeremy can be heard saying something before Leah demands, “Tell me how you really feel.”

Of course, the preview doesn’t show how Jeremy responds so fans will have to tune in to the all-new episode next week to see if Jeremy opens up about how he really feels about the situation with Leah.

The couple married in 2012 and welcomed their daughter, Addie, the following year. Jeremy’s job took him away from home a lot, and the two ended up divorcing in 2015. Whether or not they will get back together has yet to be seen, but it looks like Leah Messer is tired of the back and forth and wants to know where the two stand.

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