'This Is Us' Fans React To Shocking Flash-Forward Scene No One Saw Coming In Fall Finale

Victoria Miller

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from the This Is Us episode "So Long, Marianne."

This Is Us fans are speaking out about the shocking fall finale that left more questions and cliffhangers than answers. The NBC drama series paved the way for a two-month hiatus with the episode, "So Long, Marianne," which ended with a surprise nine-month flash forward to the Big Three's 40th birthday.

After tricking fans into thinking they were watching scenes set in the present day, the episode ended at the Pearson family cabin, where Kevin (Justin Hartley) and Kate (Chrissy Metz) were celebrating their 40th birthday nine months later. When a confused Rebecca (Mandy Moore) asked if Randall (Sterling K. Brown) was coming, Kevin reminded her that they're not talking anymore.

In the ending scene, it is also revealed that Kevin is now engaged to a pregnant mystery woman who is dealing with morning sickness. And Kate's husband Toby (Chris Sullivan) is nowhere sight for his wife's 40th birthday bash, nine months after he was caught texting a CrossFit pal named "Lady Kryptonite."

This Is Us star Sterling K. Brown previously warned viewers that they might be "upset" over the fall finale episode, and he wasn't wrong. On Instagram, fans of the show reacted to the unexpected time-jump and all the drama that will occur for the Pearson family in such a short time span. Others noted that it is "torture" to wait until the show's return in mid-January.


"What the hell??? Randall & Kevin not speaking at their birthday in 9 months?!?!?" another asked.

"Who is Kevin's fiancee?" a third fan asked.

"Lady Kryptonite, a pregnant fiancée, Randall not speaking to family?! What are you doing to us?" another This Is Us fan wanted to know.

As for the identity of Kevin's baby mama, Aptaker did not rule out that it could be Sophie, Cassidy, Madison, or another woman viewers have already seen in his life. But the EP also issued a reminder that "we love expanding our cast and introducing new characters," so "nothing's off the table there."

Aptaker told Glamour that Kate and Toby will deal with the immediate fallout from his text message exchange in the next episode. The producer noted that it's "upsetting" for Kate to find out that her husband is venting about their marriage to his lady friend.

But This Is Us fans will have a long wait before they get answers. The second half of Season 4 doesn't premiere until January 14, and the 40th birthday scene won't be returned to until the show's Season 5 premiere in fall 2020.