Bret Michaels Mistakes Kim Kardashian For Eva Longoria In Birthday Tweet

Kim Kardashian mistaken for Eva Longoria

Kim Kardashian might not be as famous as we all think she is. Poison singer Bret Michaels tweeted a picture of himself standing with Kardashian … and wished Eva Longoria a happy birthday.

Fun fact: Michaels and actress Longoria share a birthday (March 15), with Michaels turning 50 and Longoria turning 38 on Friday. To celebrate, Michaels tweeted “Wishing a #HappyBirthday to @EvaLongoria. Hope your day rocks!” with a picture of the singer standing with reality TV starlet Kim Kardashian.


Michaels very quickly realized his mistake and deleted the tweet, but like we say over and over again, this is the Internet, and nothing ever goes away for good.

Another user managed to retweet the photo with a rather surprised “Huh????”

The photo of Michaels standing with Kardashian is actually as old as March 2011, when the two hung out on his tour bus after he headlined a charity concert in Orlando. The two didn’t do much but converse for a short time, with Michaels recalling for Us Weekly:

“We talked about how she was doing. We talked a little bit about my health. Talked about the concert. It was very cool. She was very, very polite. I mean that. Very sexy, very cool, very together. I admire her beauty. She’s got one of the prettiest faces ever. Sometimes you see someone, and then you see them in person and it’s not quite the same. She was very beautiful in person.”


So maybe Michaels just uploaded the photo by mistake. Either way, it was a pretty funny social faux pas.

Here’s an image of the retweet:

Bret Michaels tweet

Do you think Bret Michaels made an honest mistake? Does Kim Kardashian kind of look like Eva Longoria?