Jessica Simpson Has Paid Her Dues With “Butthead” Heartbreak

Jessica Simpson just adores talking about (you guessed it) l-o-v-e. She should make this an off-limit topic, because she always gets way too personal. Jess goes OTT on romance-related stuff, this time referencing “butthead” heartbreaks at her Dallas weekend concert:

“Sometimes, to find a love as big as that, you have to go through some heartbreak, some ugly ones and some butthead ones,” Simpson told the crowd. “You go through that to really appreciate where you are in life right now.”

At least Tony Romo was there to reciprocate this time. According to People, he “bobbed his head with the music and was caught singing along to a few songs.” He was also grinning, so it’s safe to say that Jessica hasn’t completely scared him away yet.