‘Vikings’ Spinoff Series Moves To Netflix With ‘Vikings: Valhalla’

Jonathan HessionHistory Channel

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, while History Channel is set to conclude Vikings at the end of Season 6, there were also plans for a spinoff series. Now, Deadline has confirmed that this new series has been greenlit for production.

Currently, Vikings is gearing up for its final season which will premiere next month. Telling the story of Ragnar Lothbrok (played by Travis Fimmel) and his sons, fans were excited to discover that the show’s original creator, Michal Hirst, was also planning to branch out with a new series. Previously, no details were revealed regarding the spinoff series other than it would focus on different characters from the Viking sagas.

Now, Deadline has announced that Netflix has been successful in securing the new series, titled Vikings: Valhalla, after a bidding war reportedly ensued. Initially, it was believed that History Channel and MGM TV would develop the series but other bidders quickly came on board, with Netflix being the successor. It is believed that three major streaming providers were in pursuit of the new series.

Netflix has already ordered 24 episodes of Vikings: Valhalla, which has surprised some people as this network usually asks for fewer episodes per season.

Currently, Netflix only airs the original Vikings series on its Australian platform. However, it is believed that negotiations could be in the works that will now see the original series eventually airing globally on Netflix.

Clive Standen stars as Rollo in season 4 of History Channel's 'Vikings'
Featured image credit: History Channel

Regarding the storyline, the upcoming series will delve into the Vikings Leif Erikson, Freydis, Harald Harada. In addition, William the Conqueror will be featured. A Norman king, William is a direct descendant of the Viking, Rollo, who is depicted by Clive Standen in the original TV series. Vikings: Valhalla is expected to be set some 100 years after the events currently unfolding in the original series.

Michael Hirst will also head the new series along with Jeb Stuart (Die Hard, The Fugitive), who will act as a writer and executive producer on the production. They are joined by Morgan O’Sullivan for MGM Television. Hirst released the following statement regarding the news.

“I am beyond excited that we are announcing the continuation of our Vikings saga. I know that the millions of our fans across the globe will be thrilled by the belief being shown in our show by MGM and Netflix. Jeb Stuart, a truly wonderful writer, will bring new story-lines and a powerful visceral vision to stories about some of the most famous Vikings known to history.”

Channing Dungey, the vice president for Original Series at Netflix, also revealed that Vikings: Valhalla would be “everything that fans love about the franchise: heart-pounding, unstoppable action rooted in rich characters and dramatic storytelling that shines the light on family, loyalty, and power.”

As yet, no details pertaining to the production schedule or premiere date has been released yet. However, it is believed that the new series will be filmed in Ireland.

History Channel’s Vikings is set to premiere its sixth and final season on December 4.