‘Frozen Endzone’ Announced As Sports Successor To ‘Frozen Synapse’ [Video]

Frozen Endzone Coming in 2014

Frozen Endzone has been announced as the follow-up game to Mode 7 Games Frozen Synapse. The game is set to be released on Valve‘s Steam online gaming service in 2014 though Valve seems to think that there will be a beta online later this year.

This particular game is Mode 7’s unique take on the game of football. This football game will be played by robots on a frozen field and will actually serve as a kind of combination between a more traditional strategy game and Madden NFL games.

While the gamer won’t be able to directly control players the way you would in Madden you will be able to map out how you want the players to approach the play. Once you have done this you can take a look and see how the mapping of that play went.

Frozen Endzone offers up a completely different way to play a PC football game by doing the game play this way. While this is a sort of different kind of football game, there will be features that you can find in the more traditional offerings such as season mode.

There is a pretty good chance there will actually be a host of different stadiums that players will be able to use. This is just the latest way in which Valve is attempting to branch out and do more with Steam. The company has already recognized that independent games are the key to their business.

One of the ways those indepedent games are getting so much press is because they are high quality and in demand. Frozen Synapse this game’s predeccesor has actually earned a port over to traditional gaming devices such as the PS3 and the Vita.


Mode 7 has released a teaser trailer to the game that should give players a good look at the upcoming title. Will you be buying Frozen Endzone?