Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Tease That Nikolas & Charlotte Cross Paths & Valentin Confronts Ava

Spoilers for Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital suggest that there are tense moments ahead that revolve around the Cassadine chaos. Nikolas is determined to reclaim what he believes is rightfully his and it seems that Valentin is close to learning how much more complicated his life may become soon with Nik back from the dead. The two men may not cross paths quite yet, but it looks like that time might be coming soon.

Last week, viewers watched as Anna and Jason rescued Charlotte from Cassandra. As the group caught their breath after Cassandra’s boat exploded, Charlotte caught a glimpse of Nikolas hovering around the corner. Now, General Hospital spoilers reveal that the two will come face-to-face during the next show.

The sneak peek for Wednesday’s episode details that Nikolas will make his way to Wyndemere. While he is there, Charlotte will see him and confront him.

Viewers had not been certain previously whether the young girl would know who Nikolas was or not, given the fact that they are related. Based on General Hospital spoilers from the sneak peek, it seems that she will not realize how big a deal it is that she’s seeing Nik.

Charlotte will angrily ask Nik what he is doing in her living room. It looks like he will be surprised to see her, surely hoping to get in and out of Wyndemere without being spotted.

The way that Charlotte speaks as she confronts Nikolas, it certainly sounds as if she’s confused about the mystery man she previously spotted being in her house. It definitely does not sound as if she is questioning how a supposed dead relative has just popped up.

As Nikolas seemingly tries to take matters into his own hands, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Valentin will do some digging of his own. He has figured out that numerous people are anxious to get their hands on the portrait of Helena he dumped. He doesn’t know why they want it, but he’s smart enough to know he’d be wise to get it back in his hands.

During Wednesday’s show, General Hospital spoilers share that Valentin will head to Shadybrook to confront Ava. He’ll tell Ava he knows she has the portrait of Helena, and he’ll surely try to pressure her to give it back to him.

Ava, however, is also wise to the fact that this portrait is of major interest to Jax and others. She doesn’t know why, but she’s not about to hand it over to Valentin upon one simple request.

SheKnows Soaps notes that Jax will confront Nina during the November 20 show too. He’ll bluntly tell her that he will not attend her wedding to Valentin, perhaps chiding her for reuniting with her fiancé so quickly.

A lot of fans suspect that Nina is playing Valentin at this point and may ultimately end up with Jax. However, for now, she’ll surely keep her cover.

Will Charlotte end up exposing Nikolas before he’s ready? General Hospital spoilers have hinted that a major development regarding the codicil he’s hunting for will come this month and it’s supposed to have a significant impact on everybody involved. It looks as if that development is coming soon and fans are anxious to see more.