Canada’s Sex Cereal Promises Big, Erm, Living [Video]

canada's sex cereal in the limelight

Canada’s sex cereal, imaginatively named Sexcereal™, got a boost when it appeared on Live! with Kelly and Michael on Thursday. I’m not about to tell you what happened when Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan sampled the product, which comes in different versions for women and men. You’ll just have to see that for yourself on the video below.

According to its creator, Toronto entrepreneur Peter Ehrlich, the $12-13 a box isn’t just your same-old, same-old breakfast of champions. He said he was inspired by a stroll through a grimly healthy vegan whole-foods grocery.

In contrast to entertaining supermarket aisles where we can find fun junk food cereals like Count Chocula or Lucky Charms, the cereals in the whole-foods store promised to clean your colon. Ugh. “I wanted to create something sexy and fun in the health food industry because nothing is,” he said. Instead of a cereal that promotes bowel health, he decided to create one that promotes sexual health.

On his website he added, “I was a serial entrepreneur. Now I’m a cereal entrepreneur.” Hey, if you’re going to produce something called Sexcereal, you’re not going to be the kind of guy who can resist the easy pun.

So what’s in it? Canada’s Globe and Mail said that the main ingredient in both the male and female versions of the cereal is rolled oats. There are small amount of other, more exotic ingredients that allegedly support testosterone in men or balance female estrogens in women.

You probably haven’t even heard of some of the more unusual ingredients like camu camu berry from the Amazon rain forest or the maca plant from Peru, supposedly used by the Incas to promote sexual vitality. There are also some of the usual suspects from health food lore like flax seed, wheat germ, and ginger.

Does it work? If you judge from the packaging, “her” Sexcereal makes you look like a young Marilyn Monroe or at least Michelle Williams. The not-so-subtle logo which shows a woman playing the flute to make a cobra stand up and dance probably tells you what the man’s product is for. And in case you still don’t get it, the name of the manufacturer is Big Life Living.


However, Ehrlich isn’t allowed by Canadian law to make any promises. It’s breakfast cereal, folks. If you want to read more into it than that, that’s your problem.

Sexcereal is currently sold in about 700 stores around Canada. However, Time hinted that the sexy cereal may be sold worldwide in the very new future.