Danny DeVito Ends Midlife Crisis, Reunites With Rhea Pearlman

Danny DeVito Ends Midlife Crisis, Reuintes With Rhea Pearlman

Danny DeVito has it all out of his system.

After a going through a midlife crisis that nearly cost him his marriage to Rhea Pearlman, DeVito has decided to walk the line and is now back with his longtime wife.

The actor split had last year with Rhea Pearlman, his wife of 30 years, and decided instead to embark on a quest to live the bachelor’s life. DeVito had reportedly been running around on his wife with other women, and she finally got tired of his womanizing ways and kicked him to the curb.

Danny DeVito didn’t seem to mind being cut loose. To let everyone in Hollywood know how well he was doing, DeVito went out to get a flashy sports car. One of DeVito’s friends said the actor was trying to emulate one of the most notorious players in show business, Jack Nicholson.

“Danny has been embracing the single life,” a source said in the fall. “He is revisiting his youth and feels like a young man again and can do whatever he wants.”

The source added: “He’s done his duty as a parent, raising his three kids, and now that they’re adults, he’s looking to cut loose.”

Danny DeVito is apparently ready to be tied down again. Word came out Friday that he had reunited with Rhea Pearlman, whom he met and moved in with 40 years ago while he was working on Broadway. They were married during the run of Tiaxi, which they both appeared on.


“Danny has been moving heaven and Earth to win Rhea back — and it has worked,” a source told Radar Online on Friday.

It might not be too much of a surprise to see DeVito and Pearlman together again. In December, two months after their split went public, DeVito said that he and his wife were “still together, just separate, but together.”

“We’re working on it,” Danny DeVito said.