Charlie Sheen’s Dog Poop Tweet Causes Prosecution Threats And Anger

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Charlie Sheen’s dog poop tweet has allegedly made Denise Richards furious. Being a devoted dad and a man who is not unfamiliar with public rants, Charlie Sheen took to Twitter to share his angst. The tweet tirade about his daughter’s mental anguish appeared to encourage fans to send dog poop to the school. The actor even suggested spelling out the accused bully’s name with the feces. The actor only identified the girl by her first name.

A meeting was held at the Viewpoint School about the tweet, some parents want Charlie Sheen prosecuted for his post. Some of the parents accused the Anger Management actor of being a violent person and a credible threat.

The group of Viewpoint School parents are supposedly contacting the police department to file a criminal complaint against the actor.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Sheen and Richards’ daughter Sam was upset about bullying at school. The 9-year-old girl told her parents that a girl named Victoria was relentlessly picking on her. Sam’s emotional turmoil supposedly gotten so bad that the little girl switched schools.

A Radar Online source claims that Denise Richards is beyond angry with Charlie Sheen for making a personal family matter public. Sam and her sister Lola have reportedly been pulled out of the Viewpoint school. Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen were both allegedly angry about their daughter’s problems.

A statement issued by the Viewpoint School addressed the bullying allegations now garnering national media attention.

The Calabasas private school claims to have provided a nurturing and safe student environment for more than 50 years.The California school also maintained that they take the issue of bullying very seriously.

Richards allegedly feels that Charlie Sheen’s tweet could hinder Sam’s chances of having a happy experience at her new school. While Sheen’s ex-wife is supposedly angry about the Twitter dog poop post, she allegedly feels that his “heart was in the right place.” The source also claimed the actress was worried that Sheen’s childish behavior could have a ripple effect on their daughters.

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