‘Vanderpump Rules’ Lala Kent’s Fiancé Randall Emmett Finally Agrees To Appear On-Camera For Season 8

Lala Kent’s fiancé, Randall Emmett, will finally show his face on Vanderpump Rules. Lala’s movie producer man has agreed to appear on the eighth season of the Bravo hit series as the two make plans for their wedding.

Lala, 29, told Page Six that Vanderpump Rules viewers will see “quite a bit” of her relationship on the new season of the long-running reality show.

“I have no idea [why he caved in],” Lala said of Randall, 48. “I have no idea, but I honestly think since last season he was like, ‘We need to show people what our relationship is really like.'”

Lala noted that some of her off-color jokes and boasting of her wealthy fiancé’s PJ (private jet) is “all talk.” But she feels that if people actually see her and Randall together, they will understand why their relationship works.

“I think now people will be like, ‘Oh, my gosh.’ Our dynamic is totally aligned. We mesh perfectly together. And that’s all I want people to see is like, this is who I am with my partner,” Lala told the outlet.

Lala and Randall first got together in late 2017 and kept their relationship on the down-low. In fact, the Vanderpump Rules beauty wouldn’t even say Randall’s name on the show at first, instead referring to him as her “man.” The couple got engaged in 2018 and are making plans for an April 2020 wedding.

In the Page Six interview, Lala did not confirm if the actual wedding will be shown on Vanderpump Rules. Past weddings on the show have included the nuptials of the now-divorced Scheana Marie and Mike Shay, and Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney. SUR boss Lisa Vanderpump was heavily involved in those weddings and has already teased she’ll have a hand in Lala’s, too.

Randall’s debut on Vanderpump Rules comes amid a casting explosion that will feature several new faces when the show returns to Bravo on January 7. But unlike some of the newbies who have never been seen by Vanderpump Rules fans before, Randall has been talked about for years and is a frequent fixture on Lala’s social media pages.

While fans will now get an inside look at Lala’s relationship, in the past Randall was vocal about the fact that he would “never” appear on Vanderpump Rules.

“You know, she’s the star,” Randall told Us Weekly of Lala. “I want her to always be the star. I want to … I’m not good here. Let her be the star, and I’ll always be behind the scenes.”

Lala also shut down the possibility of a Newlyweds-style spinoff for her and her film producer fiancé. The Give Them Lala Beauty founder explained that she likes her relationship “a lot” and that she’s going to “protect it.”

“This isn’t this for the public,” Lala said last year. “This is just for us to enjoy the two of us and not have outside influences.”

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