Caelynn Miller-Keyes Dons Bikini In Couple Selfie With Dean Unglert

Caelynn Miller-Keyes shared a brand new couple selfie with Dean Unglert on her Instagram page yesterday. It showed the pair getting cozy as they sat in a blue body of water. Caelynn wore a muted bikini set, with a purple top and brown bottoms. Dean, on the other hand, wore a pair of black swimming trunks with bright blue leaf designs. He also sported a black baseball hat.

The first photo showed Caelynn leaning in and kissing Dean on the side of his chin. Her eyes were closed, and she seemed to be bracing herself up on his leg. Meanwhile, Dean smiled with his lips closed and glanced up at the camera. His pose also meant that his arm tattoos were easy to spot.

A second photo offered a different vibe and look, as Caelynn looked up this time. She smiled with her lips closed and wore her hair pulled back with sunglasses perched on top. The image was also lighter, which revealed the backdrop a little better. There were bright blue waters behind them to the right, which were also where the rocks were clustered. The duo seemed to be enjoying a small pool of water in a tranquil spot.

The geotag revealed that they were at Havasu Falls.

Fans had plenty to say in the comments section.

“People may say what they will about Dean, but one thing he is, or that he seems, is authentic. The fact that he’s included you in this, I believe that it is real. I enjoy seeing your adventures, and I hope that your love is a long-term one,” wrote a follower.

It seemed that most fans agreed that the couple seemed genuinely happy.

“Not to rush things, but your kids would have amazing eyes,” expressed an admirer, whose comment has been liked over 150 times.

“Savage garden reference… I’m proud happy for you both!!” gushed a fan.

“I am so happy for you girl, would be cool if yal had a show that covered all the places y’all go!!!” suggested a fourth Instagram user.

Previously, Caelynn opened up about what she really thinks about living in a van with Dean. It turned out that she felt like she was discovering more about herself than ever before. The Bachelor in Paradise star also noted that she’d gone on a van trip in Hawaii.

Caelynn and Dean are one of the last remaining couples from the previous season of BIP, so it seems like fans are hopeful to see them in love.