Nick Jonas And Kelly Clarkson Tease ‘The Voice’ Season 18 Blind Auditions: ‘I Didn’t Expect That’

Nick Jonas recently appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show for an interview that will air later today. A preview of his sit-down with Kelly Clarkson was already shared on the talk show’s YouTube page, and it gives fans of The Voice a taste of what the banter between the Jonas Brothers singer and the former American Idol star will be like when they face against each other during Season 18 of the NBC reality singing competition.

In the video clip, Nick Jonas and Kelly Clarkson talk about what it’s been like competing against each other on The Voice. They’ve already filmed the Blind Auditions for Season 18, which will air sometime next spring. This means that the two coaches have had plenty of time to evaluate one another, and Nick was surprised to discover that they have very similar tastes when it comes to the contestants that they’re drawn to.

“We like a lot of the same sound,” Kelly said.

“I didn’t expect that,” Nick responded.

Nick Jonas is the new kid on the block; he’s replacing a somewhat unhappy Gwen Stefani, and he’ll be the only singer on The Voice Season 18 who hasn’t been a coach on the show. However, even though Kelly Clarkson has never had to compete against Nick, she said that she knew that he was going to be her new biggest foe. Nick, on the other hand, thought that he and John Legend would be pursuing many of the same singers.

“I knew it,” Kelly said. “The guys were talking about it, and I was like, ‘He’s going to be — I’m going to have to battle Nick freaking Jonas.'”

Kelly Clarkson said that she’s “so not cool” in comparison to Nick Jonas, but she also told him that she’s going to take him down. Nick had brought a bottle of the premium tequila that he and designer John Varvatos recently launched, so Kelly proposed a toast to Nick’s first season on The Voice.

“I just want to celebrate the fact that you’re going to be on The Voice, and I’m going to kick your tail,” Kelly said.

“That’s not true,” Nick replied as Kelly was taking her second shot of tequila.

The audience went wild over Kelly Clarkson’s playful threat, but Nick Jonas refused to join them.

“I’m not going to clap for that,” he said.

Nick Jonas described the Season 18 Blind Auditions as “a good little friendly competition,” and he said that he feel’s “confident” about the team that he has assembled.

Nick and Kelly didn’t discuss their fellow coaches in the short video clip, but Kelly Clarkson isn’t the only coach who has engaged in a little trash talk; Nick Jonas previously told Blake Shelton that he’s going to “kick his a**.” Meanwhile, Blake threatened to take Nick down in retaliation for replacing his girlfriend on the show.