‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Tease More Trouble For Nikolas, And Cassandra’s Fate May Not Be So Certain

Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital was a wild one, and viewers are anxious to see what comes next with the Nikolas Cassadine saga. He’s now been seen by not one, but two additional people in Port Charles, and he is taking increasingly dangerous risks. In addition, Valentin Cassadine thinks he’s finally eliminated Cassandra Pierce, but it’s not entirely clear whether his effort was fully successful.

General Hospital spoilers had hinted that Carly Corinthos would learn about Nik being at Jasper Jacks’ place, and that did happen during Tuesday’s show. Interestingly, Nik revealed himself, so it wasn’t Jax who told his ex-wife this shocker. After an intense conversation, she agreed to keep this news to herself for now in an effort to keep Jax from being criminally implicated in Nik’s antics.

Now Carly, Jax, and Hayden Barnes all know that Nikolas is in Port Charles, but one more person spotted him at the end of the November 12 show. Nik showed up at the pier after Jason Morgan and Anna Devane rescued Charlotte Cassadine from Cassandra and she spotted Nik hovering around the corner.

This certainly could be a big problem for Nik. His entire purpose for being in Port Charles is to take down Valentin, and now Valentin’s daughter has spotted him. However, fans don’t know yet whether Charlotte would have reason to recognize Nikolas.

Nikolas is related to Charlotte, but he was presumed dead before she was incorporated into the current storylines. History would suggest that the two probably had never met before. However, it’s certainly possible she would have seen photos of him over the years.

Even if Charlotte recognizes Nikolas, she will probably have a challenging time getting anybody to believe her. Ava Jerome talking about seeing Nik landed her in Shadybrook, and it’s unlikely that anybody would believe a young child. However, Valentin could certainly become suspicious if his daughter were to insist she had seen her supposedly dead relative.

Tuesday’s show also brought the supposed death of Cassandra. She had demanded that Valentin leave a boat for her to facilitate her escape from Port Charles, and he delivered. However, he also planted a bomb on it and initiated an explosion on the boat.

Cassandra was just about to drop the bombshell on Valentin that Nikolas is still alive, but he cut her off. She also discovered the bomb right before the explosion, and fans suspect that she dove into the water immediately before the blast. She has made great escapes previously, and it’s entirely possible she’s pulled it off again.

At the moment, General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central don’t reveal anything juicy about Cassandra’s true fate or Charlotte saying anything about seeing Nik. Everybody will have to wait and see what comes next, but the fast-paced storytelling happening these days would suggest that fans probably won’t have to wait too long to get some answers.