'This Is Us' Spoilers: Chrissy Metz Spills New Details About Mysterious Mark And His Impact On Kate

Lucille Barilla

This Is Us star Chrissy Metz spilled new details to Us Weekly regarding the flashback storyline of teenage Kate and her mysterious boyfriend Mark. The yet-to-be-explained twist to the character's backstory appears to have impacted her personal choices as she moved into adulthood.

Chrissy said to Us Weekly that Mark's impact in Kate's life continues.

"It's very clear something traumatic happened. So we're going to get to see that, how she's affected and how that is, of course, taken into her adulthood."

During the show's October 22 episode, Kate's secret boyfriend Mark unexpectedly appeared, uninvited at her doorstep, on the same evening the family was celebrating the unexpected marriage of a teenage Kevin to his high school girlfriend Sophie.

In the flashback scenes, Hannah Zeile portrays the role of young Kate. She posted a photo of herself in character alongside actor Austin Abrams, who plays Mark, to Twitter.

Kate and Toby are currently working through their challenges as parents to son Jack, who is blind, by dealing with their anxiety in different ways. Toby is using exercise, while Kate is stress eating. Moving forward, fans will likely see the twosome explore further challenges as parents and partners as the season progresses.

TV Insider also reported Fogelman said fans will get some answers to their lingering questions about the clan as the first half of Season 3 comes to a close. The writers will continue to flesh out the family's story weekly by filling in all the little details pertinent to creating what will be the concluding episodes of the series, occurring in Season 6.