Wendy Williams Offers A Sarcastic Congratulations To Ellen DeGeneres After People's Choice Awards Win

The People's Choice Awards were Sunday evening and popular talk show host Ellen DeGeneres of The Ellen DeGeneres Show took home the award for Daytime Talk Show. Fellow daytime talk show host Wendy Williams of The Wendy Williams Show offered DeGeneres a sarcastic congratulations during Monday's episode of her own show, according to Pop Culture.

Both DeGeneres and Williams were nominated for the award this year, but it was DeGeneres who ultimately came out victorious. While Williams did congratulate DeGeneres for the win, it was clear that she wasn't being very sincere. In fact, she accompanied the statement with a dramatic eye roll.

"Congratulations Ellen, you won again. She's the people's choice... alright," Williams said in a deadpan voice as her audience laughed.

DeGeneres began an almost uninterrupted People's Choice Awards winning streak back in 2005, but at that time the award was for Favorite Talk Show Host. She succeeded again in that category in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2011. The title of the award has changed a couple times throughout the years, being revised to Favorite Daytime TV Host in 2012. DeGeneres won the award that year and continued to win through 2017, with 2017 being the star's 20th PCA win.

"Twenty is outrageous — this is really something that means more to me because it comes from the people. You are the people who are responsible for me being up here, so I say thank you people," DeGeneres said at the time.

In 2o18 the category title was changed simply to Daytime Talk Show, and the award went to DeGeneres both last year and this year. The comedic host apparently isn't losing her touch or her popularity.

Williams, on the other hand, has also been nominated for her fair share of awards throughout the years. This year is the second time that she's been nominated for a People's Choice Award. She was also nominated in 2016 but didn't win. In addition, she's been nominated for Daytime Emmy Awards but hasn't won one of those either.

Nevertheless, she did secure one major victory in the past year. She now has her very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame -- a coveted honor. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Williams gave an emotional speech at the award ceremony in which she thanked her son, Kevin Hunter Jr., for supporting her unconditionally throughout her recent difficulties. As fans may know, Williams has been trying to maintain her sobriety while going through a difficult divorce.