Cosplay Model Erica Fett Goes Topless In New Instagram Photo Set

Erica Fett started the week right for her 2.3 million Instagram followers, as the cosplay model took to the photo-sharing platform on Monday to share a pair of images, including one where she went completely topless for her adoring fans.

The first of the two snaps shared on Instagram on Monday afternoon showed Erica lying down on a brown mattress. The cosplayer was wearing a green lingerie set from Agent Provocateur as she flashed a smoldering stare at the camera, with her right hand on her neck and her left hand touching her long brown hair. This was seemingly the same bra-and-panties set she wore in an update shared earlier this month, but while that photo showed her photographed from behind while flaunting her booty, the newer image focused on the model’s other assets as she showcased her impressive cleavage, flat stomach, and multiple tattoos.

For the second photo, Erica did away with the upper garments, and while it’s unclear whether she was completely in the buff, viewers were treated to an even racier display of skin in this snap. The 32-year-old used both of her arms to censor her bountiful breasts and stay within Instagram’s no-nudity policies but nonetheless left very little to the imagination while photographed from a kneeling position.

In the caption, Erica kept things simple, asking her followers whether they like the first or the second picture better, but suggesting that those who like both are cool in her book. Aside from giving a shoutout to Agent Provocateur for her revealing outfit, she credited SuicideGirls staff photographer Tripodski for the snaps.

So far, the new photo set has earned Erica over 36,000 likes in the first 10 hours since it was posted. More than 700 fans headed to the comments section to express their admiration for the cosplay model while also answering her question and saying which of the two photos were their favorite.

“All the pictures! Then some!” said one follower, adding a heart-eyes emoji to their comment.

“Definitely like both, but number 2 is my favorite,” remarked another admirer.

“It is snowing where I am. So pic 1 reminds me of a green wrapped present. I choose that one,” explained a third Instagram user.

Although Erica’s Instagram profile makes it clear that she loves posing in lingerie, she can get her fans talking and hitting the “like” button even while fairly covered up. This proved to be the case on Sunday when she posed in a polka dot dress, asking her followers through the caption for viewing or reading recommendations.