Elisabeth Moss Wants To Make A Hallmark Christmas Movie

Elisabeth Moss is best known for starring in critically-acclaimed television shows like Mad Men and The Handmaid’s Tale. Now, she is interested in taking her career in a new direction by starring in a Hallmark film.

This revelation comes from the 2019 Vulture Festival, where Moss was interviewed by Rachel Handler during the Anatomy of a Performance panel. Vulture shared the video clip on their social media pages.

In the video, Handler teases Moss for having the Hallmark app installed on her phone. Moss doesn’t deny it and in fact, claims that she loves Hallmark movies, particularly the Christmas films.

“I watch as many of them as possible,” the Us actress stated with an air of giddiness.

The topic eventually turned to romantic comedies, a genre that Moss has not yet dabbled in. When asked what kind of rom-com she might like to write, Moss found a way to work Hallmark back into the conversation.

“I actually would love to do a Hallmark Christmas movie. I would do it. I would make the best one ever.”

Moss even had an idea of what the movie would entail. The Handmaid’s Tale star suggested she could play a “shop owner,” while her love interest could be a “Christmas tree salesman.” It sounds like she’s given this idea plenty of thought.

One Twitter user decided to let the network know about her interview. They sent a tweet to the official Hallmark Channel Twitter account saying, “a fabulous actress wants to work with you” and that the network should “make it happen.”

“This is amazing,” said another Moss fan on the social media platform, adding a plethora of Christmas-themed emoji to their tweet.

Handler appeared stunned by Moss’s response. Hallmark movies have been criticized for being cliché. Given how many awards the actress has won and how sought-after she is in Hollywood, it might seem like a made-for-television movie is beneath her. However, the actress’s comments suggest that she disagrees with this idea.

It’s not clear when Moss would have time to film a Hallmark Christmas movie. She’s kept herself busy this year with films like Light of My Life, Us, and The Kitchen. She’ll next appear in the 2020 horror film The Invisible Man. The actress is currently in production on two other movies, Shirley and The French Dispatch, in addition to working on continuing series The Handmaid’s Tale, on which she also serves as a producer.