Sean Spicer Has Mixed Emotions About His ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Journey

Sean Spicer has “mixed emotions” regarding his Dancing with the Stars journey thus far.

The former White House press secretary revealed to Us Weekly that he has noticed the surprised reactions of others in the ballroom upon hearing his name called as safe after a performance. He also revealed that he finds it difficult having to say goodbye to his fellow competitors as they exit the competition.

“It’s this mixed emotion that I’ve had, especially the last few weeks when you are watching someone that you’ve grown close to or that you know, and you know how hard they’ve worked and they have to go home while your scores weren’t as high,” he explained to Us Weekly.

Although he has consistently earned a lower score than most of the other celebrities this season, Spicer has yet to be eliminated from Dancing with the Stars due to intense viewer voting in his favor.

Spicer has also gotten a push from none other than President Donald Trump, who tweeted support for his friend, calling him a “good guy” and stating that he has “always been there for us.” That tweet was liked over 62,000 times.

Spicer is hopeful that his continued hard work — combined with a positive attitude — will help viewers realize he should remain on his quest to win the show’s mirrorball trophy. However, some fans remain surprised that Spicer is still pushing forward as a dancer week after week.

“Is this a joke that Sean Spicer is still standing in this competition?” said one viewer of the ABC series.

Another fan was more encouraging, stating to Spicer, “I can’t believe how rude they are to you, just confirms why I hate DWTS and mainstream media. Never voted before but we went on and all our votes in this house went for you and will continue every week!”

Pure DWTS reported that Spicer and his stand-in partner this week, Jenna Johnson, will perform both an Argentine tango and a samba. Earlier this season, Johnson danced with Queer Eye for the Straight Guy star Karamo Brown.

Spicer’s regular partner, Lindsay Arnold, will not be performing for a second week as she mourns the unexpected death of her mother-in-law. The show has not yet announced when Arnold will be returning to the competition to dance alongside Spicer.

Until Arnold returns to the series, Spicer hopes to prove that all the hard work she has put into training him will be shown in his partnership with Johnson.